RoboCup2017 Nagoya Japan

RoboCup2017 Nagoya Japan(ロボカップ2017)

RoboCup2017 Nagoya Japan(ロボカップ2017)

RoboCup2017 Nagoya Japan
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RoboCup Soccer

In all leagues, the robots act autonomously and play without human intervention.


Teams of up to four autonomous humanoid robots play soccer in three size classes. The requisite human-like movements pose tough challenges in terms of stability and dynamics.

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Standard Platform

Teams of up to five autonomous humanoid robots play soccer. Only Nao robots from SoftBank Robotics are admitted as players. Software development is the key factor.

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RoboCup Soccer | RoboCup2017 Nagoya Japan(ロボカップ2017)

Middle Size

Teams of up to six completely autonomous, wheeled robots play soccer with an official FIFA ball. All sensors, computers etc. must be on board the robots.

Small Size

Teams of six small robots play soccer with a golf ball. Cameras above the field of play deliver data on the state of play, both team computers control the robots via radio communications.


Teams of eleven simulated humanoid robots play virtual soccer in 3D. A complex physics engine enables realistic simulation of the players and the ball.

Teams of eleven agents play virtual soccer in 2D.

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