Introduction to RoboCup

The international RoboCup community fosters the development of intelligent robots by defining and executing competitions that are used by scientists and students from all over the world to test and demonstrate their robots in attractive, realistic scenarios.

See for yourself what RoboCup teams have achieved in the past 21 years. Meet more than 3,500 dedicated scientists and developers from more than 40 countries. Be inspired by the contests, and become part of the RoboCup network

Today, RoboCup has a variety of leagues to compete;
RoboCup Soccer, is separated Humanoid, Standard Platform, Middle Size, Small Size and Simulation.
First held at RoboCup, this competition features autonomous mobile robots.
With researchers as participants, the event also serves as an educational and entertainment opportunity for the public to enjoy learning about cutting-edge science and technologies.

RoboCup Industrial, is separated RoboCup Logistics and RoboCup@Work.

RoboCup Rescue, is seperated Rescue Robot League and Rescue Simulation League.
Employing technologies developed from RoboCup Soccer, this initiative aims to promote simulations that will contribute toward development of rescue strategies based on earthquake and other large-scale disaster scenarios and to promote the development of autonomous robots for use in rescue efforts at disaster sites.

RoboCup @Home
The target here is to apply technologies developed from RoboCup Soccer to people’s everyday lives.
In the belief that such technologies will find use in the kitchen or living room, they will be evaluated in competition form regarding how the robots cooperate with human beings to complete various tasks.

RoboCupJunior, is separated Soccer, Rescue and Onstage
Competition themes include those that will stimulate children’s curiosity and inquiring minds and encourage them to try robot design and production.
This gives children an opportunity to experience cooperative learning so they can obtain the necessary basics to underpin the next generation.

The idea of using robots in our everyday lives has been idealised and contemplated by scientists for decades and RoboCup intends to be one of the first to turn this dream into reality. With a team of the best robotics engineers in the country, RoboCup is bringing the future to you!

All about RoboCup: Who we are and what do we stand for?

RoboCup is an international community that fosters the development of different intelligent robots by establishing competitions and redefining what we know about robots. The competitions that we hold here at RoboCup are often used as a platform for students and scientists to test and demonstrate their creations in front of a worldwide audience. 

The robots that are created within the premise of our competition are often judged based on their design, function and performance in realistic scenarios. For 21 years, RoboCup has been the herald of creating machines that can help humans live their life comfortably. 

For the past two decades, we have met over 3,500 dedicated engineers, developers and scientists from more than 40 countries all over the world. 

Our RoboCup competitions 

RoboCup’s competitions are divided into several sections including the humanoid, standard platform, middle size, small size and simulation. The humanoid section deals with robot designs that resemble human anatomy. These robots are created to perform human tasks or even give way to a breakthrough in health and prosthetics. 

The standard platform deals with machines or robots that are used in factories to perform tasks that are usually arduous and dangerous for humans. 

RoboCup divisions 

RoboCup is separated into multiple divisions to better facilitate the competitions and the organisations of scientists and developers who are responsible for the creation of game-changing machines.

RoboCup industrial 

The RoboCup industry is a separate logistics company that handles the machines that are created to support the industries. These include production machines that handle the heavy work in the factory and limit the risks to human workers. 

RoboCup Rescue 

The RoboCup rescue is a separate rescue robot league and rescue simulation league. This division of the RoboCup industry takes on the initiative to promote simulations that will help contribute to the development of rescue strategies based on large-scale disasters like earthquakes and tsunamis. These projects handle the development and promotion of autonomous robots for rescues in disaster sites. 

RoboCup home 

RoboCup home is the division responsible for handling the technologies developed for everyday life. These technologies can be used in the kitchen or living room to make cooking and cleaning easier and safer for you. 

RoboCup Junior 

RoboCup is a division that we are especially proud of. Here, we train the next generation of engineers and developers. To encourage students, we hit competitions with themes that could stimulate the curiosity and inquiring minds of the young engineers.