What you need to participate in the RoboCup

If you have an interest in robotics and programming, the RoboCup is an amazing opportunity to showcase your skills and prowess in these departments. To step up and face this challenge, there are a few key steps you need to take to be able to participate in this event. Learn more about it here: What … Read more

RoboCup2017: Teaching kids how to love robotics

Technology is a fascinating field of study where innovations and applications of knowledge are applied every day. We can see technology in our phones, in our homes, in our offices, and in schools. This has inspired so many people, especially kids around the world to dip their toes into learning more about the wonderful world … Read more

RoboCup: Developments in Robotics to look out for

Japan is often regarded as a leader in robotics, and for good reason. This is because not only does the country strive to create robots, but also because they seek to keep improving where they can. This constant need to innovate has helped in developing trends in robotics across industries like hospitality, healthcare, technology, retail … Read more

Robots: Why do we need them today?

Robots are becoming a vital element of modern day civilization. They continue to play an increasingly significant part in our daily lives and have revolutionised several industries. Though they are not yet that normalised in terms of practicality, these inventions continue to leave people in awe.  In the past years, the use of robots has … Read more

The best robot-themed series you can watch online

Robot-themed films now dominate the theatres and streaming services both in Japan and other countries worldwide. By visiting Robocup or watching robot-themed movies, you can learn everything you need to know about robotics.  But if movies are not enough for you, there are also robot-themed TV series you can watch on leading streaming platforms. There … Read more

RoboCup 101: Starting your path to robotic engineering

The field of robotics is an ever-growing and constantly evolving field which has paved the way to the latest technological advancements today.  If you’re prepared to welcome robotics in everyday life and have a hand in future inventions, RoboCup is here to help you achieve this goal. Read on to learn more about it.  What … Read more

RoboCup: Most advanced robots in the history of mankind

It’s still surreal to see that various advanced robots exist today. These advanced pieces of technology are the result of several years of research and hard work and today, we’re going to commemorate some of them in this blog. If you’re one to marvel at technology and robotics, you’ve come to the right place! Here … Read more

The best robot-themed movies of all time

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