Best robots of 2022

In 2022, the existence of robots you see in futuristic sci-fi movies is no longer a pipe dream.  With the invention of smartphones and electric cars, it seems likely that the robotics market will only improve in the long run. 

In fact, there have been a couple of robots that function like their fiction-counterparts. These robots are incredibly helpful and belong in every household in the world. Which robots are the best as 2022 comes to a close? Below are some of the best robots you can find in the market: 


Emo is a tiny robot created by Living.Ai. The size of the robot is comparable to a small MP3 player that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. Emo has a lot of great features too. For instance, it packs a mighty punch with more than ten internal sensors despite being only four inches tall. 

The robot is best used as an AI desk-pet that includes a ton of personality and quirks that are formed depending on its interaction with the environment. Emo can also recognise ten different individual faces and names as well as take pictures of them. It can also play music and dance to the beat of the selected audio file. 

Emo is also completely autonomous and spatially aware. It can use its surroundings to explore without being controlled. It can maneuver in a large space without tripping or getting stuck. This robot is the quintessential definition of smart machines that can only exist in today’s time. 

Miko 3 

Unlike Emo, which is designed to be placed on a desk, Miko 3 is made for children to play with. This means that the materials that make up Miko 3 are safe for kids and its interface is fairly simple to use. 

While that is the case for the most part, Miko 3 is by no means a simple machine. As a deep learning artificial intelligence machine, Miko 3 learns through its interactions with its specific surroundings and the children who will be playing with this robot. 

It incorporates a learning program that provides youngsters with quizzes, ideas, and information in a manner that is both entertaining and educational. With its high-resolution screen, Miko is not only expressive, but also enables for easy video chat so that absent parents may keep in touch with their children. 


Unlike the other two robots on this list which look like the average machine you see in cartoons, the Aibo is a robot that resembles man’s best friend. As a dog robot, it uncannily resembles a real canine that twitches and behaves similarly. 

Also, Aibo happens to be one of the older robots in the market and have been quite successful in providing companionship to people. Its latest model has a lot of cool features like realistic barking and articulation that makes it more realistic when it moves and maneuvers. 

Upon interacting with humans, the robot learns their names and faces and becomes fond of them. Like a real pet, the robot learns to respond to its owner by name and develops its own unique character in response to its own surroundings. 

In 2022, there will already be countless robots released in the market and more developed to make people’s lives a bit easier. For more info about the robotic market, visit RoboCup2017 for more blogs and articles about the subject matter. 

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