RoboCup: Developments in Robotics to look out for

Japan is often regarded as a leader in robotics, and for good reason. This is because not only does the country strive to create robots, but also because they seek to keep improving where they can. This constant need to innovate has helped in developing trends in robotics across industries like hospitality, healthcare, technology, retail and more.

This article from RoboCup tackles the developments in Robotics that we should expect in the upcoming decade and how this might affect us in the upcoming future. 

More precise and medical robots

Medical robots, specifically surgery robots, have some benefits that many surgeons in training need to practise which is: stability and precision. Because the body is a delicate system, any changes to it need to be deliberate and carefully executed. 

As such, medical robots can help with this as they don’t strain or get tired during a surgery, which makes them a good asset to have during an operation should the doctors need help.

Multipurpose robots that can do basic tasks

We humans take for granted the dexterity and ability we have with our hands that doing a variety of tasks is easy for us because we’re designed for it. Robots on the other hand, have to understand multiple actions like grabbing, pouring, tilting, and more to do certain actions.

We can take, for example, making a coffee. The multipurpose robot would need to know how to stir, pour, grind beans, bring the water to a boil, and more. 

These multipurpose robots will be a big help to the elderly and disabled in addition to commercial purposes.

AI-assisted functions for logistics 

Cars with AI for navigational purposes have become one of the biggest breakthroughs in logistics in the 2010s and 2020s. This is considered a marvel because of how sophisticated the technology has to be in order for a car to simply identify a traffic light or cone and to act accordingly. 

With that said, AI-assisted vehicles aren’t new but advancements and applications of AI for logistics are becoming more sophisticated to a point where AI-driven vehicles like trucks are becoming more common. We might even see taxi services where the driver is mainly an AI.

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In movies and television shows featuring robots, we can observe the thoughts that people have about the future of robotics. Influences in robotics within Japan help define our perceptions of robots, as well as our understanding of what else they may do and why the discipline of robotics is so essential. 

We’re going to see more of these robots as things progress in the realm of robotics, and they’re definitely here to stay. Only time will tell how useful they will be to us as they become increasingly incorporated into our everyday lives

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