RoboCup: Frequently asked questions

RoboCup is Japan’s biggest robotics competition. Here, all the best engineers and developers work together to create a greater future where robots can make our lives easier. If you are interested in joining the competition and have a few questions that need answering, here’s a list of frequently asked questions that might help guide you through RoboCup

Why was RoboCup created? 

RoboCup is a competition created to promote research in robotics and artificial intelligence. We take pride in every machine created by our competition. However, despite the seriousness of all the science projects we feature in RoboCup we still value the entertainment it would bring to the audience and thus, we spice up our tournaments with a little bit of fun. 

What are the real-life applications of robots? 

The robots we create here at RoboCup are designed to be used for rescue operations for faster response in calamity situations. It can also be used in offices to cut down on the cost of operations for the companies. The RoboCup machines are also used for entertainment and personal means. 

There are plenty of possible uses for robots that we are still trying to explore right here in RoboCup and that is why we run several tests where we can see the ability of each bot and analyse the best use for it. 

Why create robots when there are humans who can do the job? 

Robots are not meant to replace humans. They are created to aid us in our daily tasks. These robots are designed to handle jobs that are too dangerous or strenuous for the human body. While there are humans who can do the job of these bots, we can help minimise workplace risks and do more with little effort through the machines. 

How do I enter the competition? 

Visit our website and fill out our entry form. We often map out the possible competitors for the tournament 6 months before the actual event to help you prepare your bot. In the fill-out section, you must state the name of your team, your contact details, which league you want to compete in, the general idea you have for your bot and a summary of its functions.

Are there any age limits in the competition? 

There are no age limits in RoboCup. Old or young, you can enter the competition if you are confident in the machine you have created. 

For kids specifically, we have the RoboCup junior league where children between the age of 11 to 19 can participate in a collaborative learning competition where they can discover their strengths along with new ideas. 

Can I still participate even without a robot? 

Yes, we sell tickets to those who are interested in attending the event to witness the latest machines come to life in the arena. 

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