RoboCup: Real-life robots that will shock you

Whenever people think about robots, they tend to see them as something that is still too far into the future, however, this future with robots is much closer than you think. Here at RoboCup, we will look at some of the most bizarre robots created in the past decades. Check them all out below and be in awe of what the great minds in robotics and engineering can do. 


Robear is an adorable robot that resembles a teddy bear. This magnificent creation is created specifically to assist patients and carry them from the bed and into the wheelchair. The Robear is created by Tishiharu Mukai, a Japanese scientist who collaborated with the Riken-SRK Centre for Human Interactive Robot Research to help disabled patients. 


Spot is a product of Boston Dynamics. It is one of their many machines that resemble wild animals. Spot is significantly smaller than the other models before it, but this electrically powered and hydraulically actuated robot is just as capable. What’s unique about the spot is that it can trot, climb, kick, walk and stay standing for a long time. That doesn’t sound like much but this is one of the biggest steps towards creating a naturally functioning prosthetic for the disabled. 

Xiaomi cyber dog 

The Xiaomi cyber dog is similar to spot but a lot smaller and more affordable. This quadruped robot dog is capable of running as fast as 3.2 metres per second. The main purpose of this robot dog is to create real-time maps and avoid obstacles as it moves and tracks objects. 

Bird-legged drone 

The bird-legged drone was created by engineers at Stanford. This robot’s features and design is inspired by birds with bendable legs, sharp claws and curling toes to easily stabilise it on any branch for nature documentation. 

According to the research made on this bird, it features capabilities similar to birds and could land on surfaces almost like it is alive. Adding the feet to the drones creates better landing and stability. 

Henn Na Hotel 

A strange hotel in Japan called the Weird Hotel has some of the most peculiar employees in the world. Instead of actual people working at the front desks of the hotel, they have robots that resemble humans to cut the cost of labour. What we found amazing about these robots is their use of facial recognition instead of e-keys during check-in. It’s rather interesting and keeps communication between humans and machines seem more natural. 

Stripper bots 

Stripper bots are created to replace human performers and reduce exploitation in the industry. This robot was introduced at the CeBIT expo in Hanover, Germany. It features a pole-dancing robot and a robot DJ. 

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