RoboCup 101: Starting your path to robotic engineering

The field of robotics is an ever-growing and constantly evolving field which has paved the way to the latest technological advancements today. 

If you’re prepared to welcome robotics in everyday life and have a hand in future inventions, RoboCup is here to help you achieve this goal. Read on to learn more about it. 

What is robotic engineering?

Robotics engineering is the process of using advanced technology to develop robotic systems and applications. As a robotics expert, you need to apply your knowledge of mechanical, electrical, and computer engineering to your inventions.  

What does a robotic engineer do?

Robotics engineers generally take charge of designing and constructing robotic systems to advance innovation in the field. To do so, they’ll make use of their intensive knowledge and skill in automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, and many other industries. 

What skills do robotics engineers need to have

Robotic engineers need to have diverse sets of skills to accomplish their job well. Thus, here are the skills they need to have:


As a person who’s trying to develop new technological advancements in the robotics field, it’s important to have a sense of imagination. This is a useful skill that helps you think outside the box to create innovative designs and ideas.

Math skills

With any type of engineering work, you’ll handle complex mathematical problems daily. That’s why it’s important to have expert math skills especially when it comes to algebra, geometry, measurement, and statistics. 

Computer skills

To take advantage of all the state-of-the-art technologies, a robotics engineer needs to be well-versed in using a computer. This includes having in-depth knowledge of specialized software such as C++, Python, and more.


Robotics engineers work in teams to accomplish their projects which means they need to have the right communication skills to explain their ideas. This is an especially important skill since you need to know how to break down your complex process in a way that everybody can understand.

How to become a robotics engineer

Do you think the field of robotics engineering is your path? Here’s how you can achieve this goal:

  1. Gain academic qualification

Becoming a robotics engineer is no easy feat. Since it’s a career path that requires diverse knowledge in several fields of engineering and specific industries, you need to be prepared for a lifetime of learning.

To start, you need to acquire a Bachelor’s degree in robotics to start on your path. Afterwards, you’ll need to also gain a degree in Computer Science or IT. Additionally, if you want to specialize in a specific aspect of robotics, you’ll also need to acquire the educational requirements for it.

  1. Develop practical skills

As we’ve said, this is a path to a lifetime of learning, which means you need to constantly learn about new developments both in the field of robotics and engineering as a whole. That means undertaking additional courses or even practical training to develop new skills.

  1. Get industry experience

The best way to learn in the industry is to get experience from working in your chosen field. That means applying for a job or even internships at companies that focus on your field of interest. This is helpful both in understanding the process of robotics and also building your network.

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