RoboCup2017: Teaching kids how to love robotics

Technology is a fascinating field of study where innovations and applications of knowledge are applied every day. We can see technology in our phones, in our homes, in our offices, and in schools. This has inspired so many people, especially kids around the world to dip their toes into learning more about the wonderful world of tech.

We know that technology is a blossoming field, and we know that kids want to get a hard start in it. But how do we encourage kids to learn about robotics the right way? In this article by RoboCup2017, we’ll look at some ways you can encourage kids to learn more and get experience when working with robots and tech.

Give them hands-on experience

One of the best parts about being a kid is having the innate curiosity to learn things by doing and touching. We need to give kids the gift of learning by using their hands and their brains to interact with the world. 

A great way we can encourage them is by giving them age-appropriate builders or robotic kits that help give them the foundational knowledge they need. This can be as simple as kits on learning how a battery works or how cars move.

Kids can also benefit from going to workshops as a group so that they get to interact with others who have the same interests in solving problems and learning about robotics as them.

Gamify tasks

When you gamify robotics, you make it seem like less of a chore and more of a fun activity that they get to participate in. In addition, gamifying learning and doing tasks helps alleviate the child’s fear or stress of doing perfectly and just allows them to make mistakes and learn at their own pace.

Invite role models to speak

By exposing kids to more robotics role models and having them speak to children about the wonders of the tech field, all sorts of children can get to know what those people do, what they’ve made, how they’ve helped the world, and what other things are in development. 

Kids will also be able to ask questions to these role models and interact with them in order to build an understanding of where they might see themselves in the future.

Participate and learn about tech in RoboCup2017!

Robotics is a field that’s rapidly growing and on the move and that’s evident especially in the 21st century. Kids deserve to learn about the field and unlock a world of imagination and creativity when learning about the possibilities that robotics has in store. 

No matter if your child picks up a job within the field of robotics or not, know that by following our tips, you’ve already fostered and helped your child discover what makes robotics so amazing.

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