The best robot-themed movies of all time

Automation and the rise of technology is one of the most sought-after innovations nowadays. One of these innovations happens to be in machines called robots, and you can learn everything you need to know about robotics here with us at Robocup! 

Do you think you enjoy learning all about robotics in everyday life and everything that comes with them? If so, you will certainly enjoy the list that we have put together for you in the list below. Take a look at some of these exciting options and why you should consider watching them. 


This film was originally made for kids, but it is also a good comfort film for people of all ages to watch. If you have always wanted to explore space and what the future could hold for humans and machines, then you will also enjoy watching Wall-E. This film revolves around the story of a robot named Wall-E as he climbs aboard a futuristic ship and meets a bunch of other robots. Can he save the day in time and prove that robots are like humans too? 


There is plenty of Transformers movies released over the course of the past decades, and some of them are amazing while others turned out to be flops. Depending on what you are looking for, the Transformers franchise offers a way into the lives of Autobots and Decepticons as some try to take over Earth while others try to protect it. In the movie, you will meet ships, cars, helicopters and more that all turn into humongous robots! 

Big Hero 6 

Another amazing robot-themed movie is Big Hero 6. This is an animated film by Disney and showcases the story of a young man named Hiro as he navigates robotics school and the loss of his elder brother Tadashi. You’ll meet amazing scientists and robots in this film, and all of them will teach you the importance of discipline, passion and love towards something that you enjoy doing. 


Originally considered to be a flop, the Robots movie features a bunch of amazing adventures with robots in a robot-themed world. One of the best selling points of the movie is its visuals because you’ll see various robots in their colourful painted bodies, springs, screws and more as they work together to save the city. 

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