Robots: Why do we need them today?

Robots are becoming a vital element of modern day civilization. They continue to play an increasingly significant part in our daily lives and have revolutionised several industries. Though they are not yet that normalised in terms of practicality, these inventions continue to leave people in awe.  In the past years, the use of robots has … Read more

The best robot-themed series you can watch online

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RoboCup 101: Starting your path to robotic engineering

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RoboCup: Most advanced robots in the history of mankind

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The best robot-themed movies of all time

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Best robots of 2022

In 2022, the existence of robots you see in futuristic sci-fi movies is no longer a pipe dream.  With the invention of smartphones and electric cars, it seems likely that the robotics market will only improve in the long run.  In fact, there have been a couple of robots that function like their fiction-counterparts. These … Read more

RoboCup: Frequently asked questions

RoboCup is Japan’s biggest robotics competition. Here, all the best engineers and developers work together to create a greater future where robots can make our lives easier. If you are interested in joining the competition and have a few questions that need answering, here’s a list of frequently asked questions that might help guide you … Read more

RoboCup: Everything you need to know about robotics

Every technological development in the world comes from the field of robotics and engineering. These two industries work hand in hand to produce innovative inventions that will lead mankind to betterment. Although, seeing the final products or prototypes of research lets you see the tip of the iceberg only. Learning what robotics truly is will … Read more

RoboCup: Robotics in everyday life

Has your life ever been impacted by a robot? You might not see a robot often but the answer to this question is yes. Robotics have been influential in almost every aspect of the human experience since these contraptions make work easier.  Robots are more than just a piece of equipment or science fiction. They … Read more