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RoboCup2017 Nagoya Japan(ロボカップ2017)

RoboCup2017 Nagoya Japan(ロボカップ2017)

RoboCup2017 Nagoya Japan
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Participants in the RoboCup@Home League compete in the degree to which their robots can perform operations that assist human life in domestic environments such as a living room or a kitchen, using an everyday robot utilization scenario. Important technologies in the competition include robot arm control and manipulation, such as for opening and closing doors and holding objects. Importance is also placed on the robot’s ability to track a human being, and the establishment of naturalistic robot-human communication. Additionally, RoboCup@Home tests the use of all kinds of sensors for voice interaction and image recognition technologies.

ロボカップインダストリアル | RoboCup2017 Nagoya Japan(ロボカップ2017)

Robot operating a microwave oven

For example, a competition begins with a robot introducing its team to the audience. Since autonomous robots are used in the competition, their operators provide instructions to them exclusively by voice. After the team introduction, each robot carries out facial recognition and calls the name and greets the individual it knows and sends that individual out of the room. The room is equipped with furniture such as a sofa and a table, so the robot needs to guide the individual while detecting the furniture and avoiding bumping into it.
The competition consists of 10 events, all of which are complex challenges combining instructions such as "Go and bring back a PET bottle," "Open the curtains," and "Follow me."

ロボカップインダストリアル | RoboCup2017 Nagoya Japan(ロボカップ2017) ロボカップインダストリアル | RoboCup2017 Nagoya Japan(ロボカップ2017)

The Open Platform League (OPL) is a category in which participants compete using a robot of their own making. In addition, in the Domestic Standard Platform League (DSPL), the HSR robot manufactured by Toyota Motor Corporation is used in this competition. The Social Standard Platform League (SSPL) holds competitions using the SoftBank Robotics Pepper robot.
These leagues tackle the same challenges. Accordingly, SSPL participants may face difficulties in competition because Pepper is unsuited for holding or transferring objects; however, this can make it more fun to watch.

ロボカップインダストリアル | RoboCup2017 Nagoya Japan(ロボカップ2017) ロボカップインダストリアル | RoboCup2017 Nagoya Japan(ロボカップ2017)

HSR robot from Toyota Motor Corporation sliding a drawer out in the Domestic Standard Platform League

Information video (Toyota Motor Corporation)

Tamagawa University Students with Toyota's HSR for RoboCup 2016

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