RoboCupIndustrial is a competition between industrial mobile robots focusing on logistics and warehousing systems. In anticipation of Industry 4.0, participants compete in automation through robots, autonomous systems, and mobile robot technology.

Industry 4.0 refers to a manufacturing innovation making optimal use of information technology. It is envisioned that in Industry 4.0, machines will cooperate with each other and with humans to optimize manufacturing sites.

Logistics League

Manufacturing plants are increasingly placing importance on a flexible line structure rather than on fixed mass-production-oriented lines to meet the need for low-volume or high-variance products. Such plants require the transportation of several materials to multiple processing machines to make products. In line with such a setting, the Logistics League competition is aimed at achieving efficient production planning and scheduling using three robots that move collaboratively between processing machines.


It is highly likely that Industry 4.0 will realize the Smart Factory, where human workers are assisted by mobile robots, or mobile manipulators, equipped with industrial robot arms. Envisioning such a future, competitors in RoboCup@Work compete in robot technology. Robot arms built on a mobile mechanism incorporating wheels or similar parts detect and collect parts and transport them to their destinations.